Welcome to the Horse Racing Betting Guide section of BetOnHorseRaces.org.  Here you will find a variety of horse race betting articles that should help you better understand how to place horse racing wagers both online and at the track.

Understanding Horse Betting

These articles focus on the actual placement of your horse racing wagers.

Exotic Bets – If you want to hit it out of the park with a big pay day then exotic bets are probably for you.  They can be extremely hard to hit, but if you hit a superfecta or pick 6 you will be rolling in the dough.  Read this article to learn about the various exotic wagers you can make.

Standard Bets – This article explains win, place and show bets, which are the standard horse racing bets.  This is a very basic horse race betting article, but it is need to know knowledge for new horse bettors.

Parimutuel Betting – The parimutuel betting system, which is the most common odds system used for horse betting, is much different than fixed odds.  This article will explain parimutuel betting in detail with an easy to understand example.

Glossary –  Are you not in the know when it comes to horse race betting lingo?  No worries.  This article goes through all of the basic terms you should know if you are going to be betting on horses online.

Understanding Horse Races

These articles focus on the actual horse races.  This is the information that you will use when placing a winning horse bet.

Competition Levels in Thoroughbred Horse Racing – This article looks at the various levels of horse races from maiden races all the way up to stakes races.

Race Track Surfaces – You should always know what kind of track the horses are racing on as this can play a huge factor in each horses chances of winning the race.  Think of it similar to how certain tennis players are clay court specialists.  Certain horses will also perform much better on certain types of tracks.  Learn about them here.