Here at I strive to provide useful information about betting on a wide variety of horse races from around the world.  Every horse race page that I create includes a variety of information including some basic information about the event, which online racebook we suggest you place your bets on for that race, how to go about placing these bets at our recommended bookie and some interesting history about the race.

Individual Race Pages

What To Expect

The basics of the race will include information such as where and when the horse race is held every year, how long the race is, which horses are eligible to compete and also some interesting facts about the race such as the purse, the general attendance numbers or if the race is part of any horse racing series such as the Triple Crown.

After providing this basic information I will then recommend an online sportsbook where you can bet on the race.  I have been betting on horses online for many years and have researched which bookie provides the best sports betting product for different races and for individuals from different countries around the world.  And of course every online racebook that is recommended here at is highly regarded and trusted in the industry.

The next section on these pages is the step by step guide to help you get started placing your bets on the given race online.  This section will walk you through signing up a betting account at the recommend racebook and will also walk you through how to find the race at the given racebook in order to place your bets.

At the bottom of each page you will then find some basic history and interesting facts about the race.  This section will just provide you with a little more background about the race.