All Eyes On Louisville For The Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby 2017The horse racing world is teeming with excitement over the 143rd annual Kentucky Derby. Fans, competitors, sponsors and bettors alike are flocking to Louisville, Kentucky, to take in the race at the famous Churchill Downs racetrack. 20 horses will be competing for the victory in the chase for the Triple Crown. Consisting of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, the Triple Crown is the epitome of horse racing success and only 12 horses have claimed the title, with the last being American Pharoah in 2015.

The Kentucky Derby is the first of the three races and many are excited to see what action unfolds. The Derby draws a large crowd and is filled with traditions and fanfare ranging from mint julep drinks to big, elaborate hats. The fact that these traditions remain intact after 143 consecutive years reflects how significant this event is, not only to the people of Louisville but also to the horse racing community worldwide. This race is the highest attended race in North America and is one of the most popular in the world.

Another key component of the Kentucky Derby is the betting that takes place. Racebooks offer betting lines on all of the horses and there are several different wagering types for you to choose form. The most common bets are win, place or show bets. A win bet is where you bet on a horse to win first place. A place bet involves betting on a horse to finish in the top two positions. A show bet involves betting on a horse to finish in either first, second or third. Win bets have the highest payouts because the chances of predicting the winner out of 20 horses comes with greater difficulty. For more experienced bettors, or those looking for higher payouts, can either make exacta or trifecta bets. Exacta bets involve betting on two horses to come in first and second place, respectively. A trifecta bet—the most difficult, but the most rewarding—is where you bet on three horses to finish in first, second and third place, respectively. This type of bet involves a serious bit of confidence and some knowledge of the horses you are betting on. There are several licensed offshore racebook brands that feature these betting lines and wagering types for those interested in wagering on the race.

Bettors aren’t the only ones who stand to gain financially. There is a $2 million purse and the first place finisher gets to claim $1,425,000. This prize is the largest out of all three races in the Triple Crown series. Most riders are after the glory, but a purse that large is certainly an added bonus.

Out of the 20 horses, there are several favored to make an impact. These include Always Dreaming, Classic Empire, Girvin, Gunnevera and Irish War Cry. Girvin was topping the leaderboard heading into the race, however, since pole positions have been announced, Classic Empire has now become the favorite. As every fan knows that horse racing is marked with a level of unpredictability and the odds are likely to change again before its all said and done. It’s part of what makes racing so exciting for bans and bettors alike. Whomever the winner, the energy of the race is enough to keep bringing people back for more and this year’s Triple Crown series will be an incredible experience for all parties involved.

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